Home Security

Home Security

Remember the days when you left a spare house key under the mat for neighbours, relatives or for those ‘just in case’ occasions?

Of all the ‘alternative’ key storage locations, under the mat is perhaps the oldest and most common. It’s also one of the most unsecure places to store the key to your home as it is probably the first place an opportunist thief will look.

For many homeowners, home security fears have prompted them to find alternative ways to keep their keys safe. However, there are still some who rely on leaving a key under the front door mat for children returning home from school, neighbours, friends, relatives, tradesmen and for emergencies.

It’s always been important to look after your house keys. Leaving a key under the mat nowadays seems archaic, but there are times when you’re not home and you need to grant access without you being there. Hiding a key somewhere outside sometimes appears to be the only option.

Planning ahead can often resolve a lot of life’s challenges. The same is true when dealing with your spare key. Always avoid leaving a key unsecure and exposed. There are lots of alternatives available. These include leaving a key with a trusted neighbour, having one or more designated key holders or using a secure key safe.

Each of these solutions is preferable to leaving a key unprotected. However, when considering alternatives, be sure to consider the worst case scenario. Key holders are ideal if they can be trusted and available at the point of need. Handing out spare keys to those that need them means you don’t have to rely on a third party, but consider if one of those keys is lost or stolen, things might get costly.

Key safes are a discreet means of storing a spare key at the property. Their use of a code for a key solution means you have greater control over who has access to your house keys. However, always remember you are leaving a key outside. Pay close attention to the strength and quality of a key safe and always ask the question: would I be happy installing this on a loved one’s house? Visit our website at www.locksmithssouthampton.org.uk for more information.

Home Security Is of utmost importance these days. Stay Safe!

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