Smartphones are clearly our future. Its time to embrace the fact that it will soon become the key to your security too. Spooky but true!!

In current times we are using Smartphones applications in commercial, institutional and residential settings include identification badge, credit card and/or a key.  On the back of this commercial lock companies and access control hardware manufacturers are taking advantage of all this available smartphone technology to control access at some colleges and universities. For these applications, smartphone access begins at the door or inside a building.

Because of this advance potential future direction for the "smart home" will be presented at the Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. The news media has presented some of the pre-conference discussions ranging from a remote for your entire house to a bunch of devices cobbled together over Wi-Fi.

For me, one important technological aspect that has hopefully been thought of is communication with the residence beginning prior to the person or vehicle entering the property, not waiting until the "entry" door. If this is evenly summarily discussed, it will be an important step towards a new level of controlling access.

The future of access control is knowing exactly where each person is at any moment. For this to become reality, a way to identify each and every person must occur before attempting entry.

Hopefully, the new "smart home" technology will extend access control to at least the property line.

Stay Safe people

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