So I’m Locked Out Of My House! Now What?

So I’m Locked Out Of My House! Now What?

Look At All Possible Entrances

So you find yourself locked out.  First things first. Have a thorough check around the property just in case there is another way in. Check that all the windows and doors are secure , you never know, one might be unlocked or insecure. If you are security aware there is a good chance the doors and windows will not be open but its aways a good idea to double check before you proceed any further. Don't be tempted to go breaking down doors or smashing windows, its not worth it. You could get injured or be stuck with a broken window/door for a long time until the emergency glazer or carpenter gets to you, and they are not cheap!

Spare Key

I always recommend that a spare key be hidden somewhere in the garden or left with a neighbour. Hiding a keys is the best way,question to ask your crush even the most enthusiastic burglar is not going to dig up your garden on the off chance of finding a key! Leaving the spare key with a neighbour or a friend is a great idea but it is not fool proof, I have attended many a lockout where the custodian has gone on holiday or is uncontactable. However if they are home when a lockout occurs that extra key can be your quick ticket in!

When hiding a spare key, make the hiding spot easy enough to remember and to access, but not so obvious that an unscrupulous intruder might find it. Never place it under a welcome mat, or in a mailbox, or in a piece of string behind the door. A key safe is a great place, or inside a dog house (dogs normally don’t like strangers coming near their patch), or in a fake pot or container.

Call A Locksmith

We know situations like these can be stressful bur ACQ Locksmiths Ltd are here to help. Getting locked out of your house is not the end of the world but it is a nuisance. By having the number of a reliable locksmith stored on your phone we can can get to you quickly to let you back in with the minimum of fuss and expense.

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