How To Find The Perfect Lock

How To Find The Perfect Lock

Ever been stood, hands on hips in the security aisle bewildered by the vast array of locks to choose from. Why So many? Don't they all do the same thing.  Hopefully this guide by Locksmith Southampton will help you in finding the right one.

You've decided you need new locks as part of some timely DIY, or because you want to beef up the security, either way there is never a better time to refresh your home’s security than now. But even something like changing the locks can be loaded with pitfalls.  Thats why we at Locksmith Southampton wanted to share some help and advice using our years of experience as a qualified locksmith.

You may have already been to your local B&Q, Homebase or Locksmiths Shop, only to find shelves of locks of varying prices that all look the same but trust me they are not.   Ascetics play a big part in keeping your home secure.  Take value locks for instance.  Locksmith Southampton would never use a value lock, we can spot them a mile off.  Do you know who else can? Burglars, they have been in the business just as long as any reputable locksmith and know the ins and outs of locks.  But worry not.

Dont Buy Cheap

Probably the best piece of advice we can give is never buy cheap, always buy the best you can afford.  If not you just mark your home out as a potential target to burglars.  A cheap lock with submit faster than you cab say "wish I'd bought the expensive one"  The only good thing about them is that if you lock yourself out it will take Locksmith Southampton literally seconds to get you back indoors when you need an emergency locksmith.  Small comfort really though!!

In our opinion a mid range Nightlatch and a British Standard Deadlock should be your minimum standard.  Also, try to find the heaviest lock you can, more weight means greater protection.  in addition to this, if you have a wooded door this this is generally the minimum security accepted by most insurance companies.  Have you thoroughly checked your policy

Fitting Your Lock

Once you have got your lock  it is time for fitting it. This one is a controversial topic For Locksmith Southampton. Im all for the have a go DIYer but in all fairness its so much easier to get a qualified locksmith to fit the lock especially if its a mortice lock. We'll have it done in no time and after we've left it will still be working!!!

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