Moving Home? Why Change The Locks?

Why Change The Locks When Moving Home?


When moving home your stress levels can be way up there, there are so many things to to consider and to sort out.  However, one major point that should not be overlooked is the current locks on the front door of your new residence.  As a new home owner or tenant it is essential that you get your locks changed.

You can never know for sure whether the previous tenants have several copies of keys that can access your property.  In spite of the fact that all keys should be surrendered at the point of sale, not everyone hands over all the keys for their previous dwelling!  Not only can this raise safety issues for the new residents but it may cause insurance problems in the future.

It is not uncommon for break-ins to be executed by someone who is known by the previous tenants and is still in possession of a the key to your property.  This is why it is important to get the locks changed as soon as possible when moving in.  And while you’re at it take the time to have a British Standard deadbolt fitted if the property does not already have one. In most cases this would be the minimum security standard expected by most (if not all) insurance companies.

When changing the locks its important to secure every entrance to the house.  Don’t forget the cellar or doors to the side or rear of your property.  These are a favourite point of entry for burglars as they are often concealed or tucked away.

Getting the locks changed when moving in makes perfect sense and provides you with security and peace of mind from the possibility that there may be keys to your castle floating around out there. Better security, peace of mind and protection for your family.

Stay safe!

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