British Standard Locks

British Standard Locks - BS3621

British Standard Locks - BS3621

Do your locks meet your insurance requirements? (British Standard Locks)

Locksmith Southampton explains why......

Southampton Locksmiths recommend you always check your household insurance to determine what the minimum security requirements are. Most insurance companies will specify that your property must be fitted with British Standard locks on your doors and windows. These types of locks are readily available at

If your locks do not meet the minimum insurance requirements and you are unfortunate enough to experience a burglary, your insurance could be invalid and therefore a claim may be not be honoured.

British Standard locks

For a lock to be classed as ‘British Standard’ minimum standards must be adhered to - this is done via rigorous testing including security, durability and strength. A higher quality lock such as a British Standard locks can act as deterrent for burglars as it is much harder to gain entry through, so all the more reason to upgrade your locks with Southampton locksmiths if they are not already British Standard Locks.

How to check yourself!?

You can check that your lock is British standard yourself - all you have to do is look out for the British Standard Kitemark, which should be present on any lock that is British Standard

Do your locks measure up?

If not don’t worry, our trained and skilled locksmiths are more than happy to help and to upgrade your locks. Call locksmiths southampton now to book in an appointment with us! Or visit us at

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