Beware The Unscrupulous Locksmith

Unscrupulous Locksmith Working in Southampton

Many people think that they will never need the services of a locksmith but the truth is that most of the people need the services of a locksmith at one time or another. Sometimes, you loose keys to your home or car and get yourself locked out. There are times when you have to get the locks changed or you need an extra key for an existing lock.

In simple terms, you may need the services of a locksmith for a variety of reasons and like most professions, there are good and bad.  Below I have listed some recent reviews from one very unscurpulous locksmith who is currently peddling his diabolical service in Southampton ola app for android  To avoid prosecution I cannot name him or his company but Im sure if you cut and past a segment of any of the reviews below, Google with reveal his identity.  Im not saying he's the worst but he is infamous within our trade and he is working near you!

2 weeks ago

Disaster, wrong material used, lock gave up within a couple of weeks, no response since and still broken. Door was totally unfit for purpose.
Shame really as they responded quickly after a burglary and were pleasant people. Don't use

a month ago

Avoid this company at all costs.

7 months ago

Matt came out to me just under month ago and changed my locking mechanism to the front door. I was shocked to say the least when he asked for £353 but as I knew no different at the time I paid it. I have since found out online the unit costs £75 and as he was with with me for an hour so I feel £278 Labour is far too much. I have since then been unable to lock the door and Matt was ignoring my calls so had to call another locksmith out who fixed it for me. I asked how much to change the mechanism and he quoted £154. I would not recommend Leo Locksmiths to anyone and would advise you to stay clear. Have also contacted Trading Standards about him. Unscrupulous

4 months ago

Sorry to say but this company is a complete fraud. The guy called Matt took a 250 pound advance, replaced two simple locks and promised to order and replace a tricky one. We have never seen him again, stopped taking our calls and messages and needless to say never completed the job. Unscrupulous

Last Month

Saturday 11/2/17 - Never Again will I use or recommend this company! Advertised as 'Local' but is from another area some considerable distance away. 'Leo Locks' was contacted mid evening as the locking system in an outside door in a property I own had failed - Turned up after a chase up phone call two hours late, this seems to be some sort of pattern. As it is a rental property I was very keen to get the house secured as quickly as possible; I have excellent tenants in situ and wanted to do what was necessary with the minimum level of inconvenience to them. He removed the lock and announced that it was a twenty year old lock the gears were broken. I pointed out the house is approximately 5 yrs old in a small-ish estate of the same aged houses so his assessment couldn't possibly be accurate. He was insistent the lock was 20 yrs old. He then proceeded to show me photo examples of new doors with better locking systems on his smart phone quoting sums of £500-£800 delivered and said that his company would contact us to take our order for a new door. He asked for payment and was out of the property within 10 minutes; leaving us in sub zero temperatures and a door that had we no means of securing; in fact we were worse off than before he came ! to say his sense of " professionalism " was unethical to leave a property unsecured in sub zero temperatures doesn't even come close. I felt that he was primarily aiming for a sale of a new door rather than helping us with a door that wouldn't lock. If I could give a MINUS review assessment I would. To say I was fuming is an understatement !!!!!!  Unscrupulous

6 Weeks ago

Absolutely awful company. googled local locksmith and this was the first page I came across, only after did I find out company is in another area of the country and are falsely advertising !!! website states that no VAT is charged and it most certainly is, Along with a no call out charge- again this was charged!! Called as locked out of flat at 4pm on weekday, locksmith arrived 2 hours later . couldn't pick the lock open apparently and broke into the flat. Then changed lock for a £20 Yale type lock. Invoice came to over £400 .The invoice was written on a scrappy bit of paper with no company details or invoice number. Complete con men and I would advise anyone to avoid like the plague. Unscrupulous

Last year

This fella is a con man nobody should do dealing with him what so ever, he made a double of my front door key. Unscrupulous

What To Do

Hopefully you wont  gt ripped off but First and foremost, must gather as much information and details as you can about the individual and the work he carried out.  Take photos, record conversations and keep copies of any correspondence between you and him.  The more information the better!

Secondly - report him to the authorities.  Below I have listed a number of authorities who may be able to assist.

Stay safe

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