Home Security On a Budget

Home Security on a Budget

Worrying about whether your home is secure is a very common issue; many people have natural concerns about just how easy it would be for a burglar to gain access to their home. The most common remedy for this is to install a home security system including cameras and alarms…but the costs of such a set-up can be prohibitive for ordinary households.

If you feel that you would like to ensure your home is secure but don’t have the cash to splash on the latest gadgets fear not…there are many very effective ways to secure your home and potentially avoid home invasion.

Make your home unattractive to burglars

It might sound odd but there are certain features which some houses have which attract burglars and others which repel them. The thing about criminals is that the last thing they want is to be caught…so they will actively avoid risk where possible. This means that homes which are well lit with no nifty escape routes or access points are less likely to be targeted. To upscale your home’s security, take a look at the following list of key issues which what can actively attract burglars.

  • Poor lighting: this is a good thing for burglars because poor lighting around the outside of a house means that it is far less likely that a neighbour will spot them as they try to break in.
  • Dense undergrowth or shrubbery around windows; again, this is a great way for burglars to hide as they force windows or doors…bushes provide cover for burglars as they spend time forcing locks and silently breaking glass…and it can be broken silently if you know what to do.
  • Ladders: don’t leave ladders around your property for obvious reasons!
  • Open gates; these are as good as issuing an invitation to burglars so keep them locked!
  • Cycles and expensive outdoor play equipment on view will suggest that there are more desirable electronic toys within the home so keep them under cover.

It’s a well known fact that some burglars are opportunistic; this means that they don’t plan but rather are always on the look out for a chance to gain entry and to steal. It makes sense therefore to keep your doors locked at all times…if you’re in another part of the house burglars can be in and out in seconds and some are only looking for a handy wallet so don’t give them the chance!

Where to make changes

Install an inexpensive sensor light; these are a good idea because the moment a potential burglar finds themselves under a spotlight close to your property, most will immediately leave the vicinity. You can install them front and back and protect both main access points well in this way. Another important change to make is to trim back or remove bushes from around windows and make sure there are no loose panes of glass or windows which don’t lock.

Fit Better Locks

If you don’t have decent locks on your doors then get some now; heavy interior bolts can go a long way towards making it difficult for an intruder to gain access. Lastly, if your area doesn’t have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme then start one. Neighbourhood Watch schemes work well and because the labour is shared, everyone can benefit without shouldering the load alone.

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