Home Insurance Requirements

Home Insurance Requirements

As with most, if not all, contracts including the dreaded home insurance you are advised to read the policy thoroughly including the small print just in case you overlook something that may lead to accidentally invalidating your policy. It is vital that you are aware of what the policy covers, and more importantly perhaps; what it doesn't cover. Below I have listed some factors that you were probably unaware of that may invalidate your policy!

  • Did you know that is possible for your claim to be invalidated if you expose yourself to theft by leaving your windows open or unlocked when locks are fitted?

  • Also, you should be aware that your payout may well be reduced or refused if you inaccurately describe the locks on your policy.

  • Be aware that if a burglar gains entry into your house without force, the insurer may be within their right reduce or refuse paying out on your claim.

  • Do you have a burglar alarm? If you have but do not activate it when you leave the house vacant, your insurer could reduce or refuse to pay out.

  • Don't leave your tools lying around, Failing to secure workshop or garden tools that can be used to break into your house could invalidate your policy.

  • Your claim will definitely be rejected if you do not secure valuables that are not covered by your policy, such as barbeques and lawnmowers. You need to confirm what is insured for use in the garden and outside.

  • Did you know that usually your insurer will refuse your claim or pay a reduced amount if you fail to notify them that builders are on site and accidental damages occured.

  • Be honest with your insurer. Your policy could be invalidated if you fail to declare to your insurer that you use your home as a place of business, as a consequence increasing the risk of theft and other claims.

  • Your claim may be refused if it is made during a period of time when the house is vacant for over 30 consecutive days.

Security is the vital component for any home insurance providers as it helps determine how likely you are to make a claim. Increasing your security levels and being cautious often results in lower premiums. ACQ Locksmiths offer customers a full home security and insurance compliance check as a part of their service. We are able to advise on all security matters and are able to recommend products that are compliant with your home insurance requirements. Just pick up the phone and give ACQ Locksmiths a call on 02380 990070 or visit www.locksmithssouthampton.org.uk.

Stay Safe You Guys!!

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