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Here are some locksmith tips and advice you may find useful


If you are reading this page, then you obviously take security seriously. Add our telephone number to your mobile phone now under 'L' for Locksmith as you never know when you will need it! 07737 915984.  You might not need a locksmith today but youll be glad you saved my number when you do!


If a key is not turning smoothly in the lock and you are putting in too much effort then something is wrong. Call us to check this out for you before it's too late.  Fixing or adjusting a lock early is much cheaper than replacing a damaged lock beyond repair. Also you don't want to be locked out in the rain.

If you have a wooden front door with a 5-lever mortice deadlock, use it! Don't just rely on your Yale lock. First of all your door is not as secure as it should be, which makes it easier for a burglar to break in. Secondly, in the event of a burglary, your insurance company may not pay out if the 5-lever British Standard insurance approved lock you claimed you had was not used.  If in doubt, consult a locksmith.

A UPVC door is not locked simply by lifting the handle. The handle can be lowered from the outside which retracts the hooks and/or bolts that come out of the strip in the door. You must use a key to lock a UPVC door.  Check your door is locked with a key whenever you go to bed.


Always make sure you lock your windows - even when set to 'open lock'. If your windows do not have locks built into the handles, add some locks.

For those odd summer days when you need to open your windows, fit window restrictors so that you can leave the room with your window open knowing that the gap is too small for a small human (even child) to fit through.

It is highly recommended to ensure all first floor windows near (or accessible from) a flat roof have locks - and you use them!

If you are rushing out the door late for an appointment and you notice you've left an upstairs window open, don't assume it'll be OK to leave it because you will be back shortly. It's worth taking that extra minute to close and lock the window compared to the trauma and everything that comes with it after a break-in. An insurance company may not even pay out if they find out the window was left open while the property was unattended.

Outbuildings and Garden

Use high quality strong locks on sheds and garages to protect your garden equipment, bikes and other valuables. Tools sitting around can be used to help a burglar gain access.

Don't leave a ladder lying around in the garden or the side of the house. You must lock it down or it could be used to break into your (or your neighbours) home.

Social Media

It's nice to go on Facebook or Twitter and let all your friends know you are in a 'First-Class Lounge' or 'Up the Eiffel Tower', but you are also letting everyone know your house is empty and will be for a while. Do you trust everyone in your friends list? Do you actually know all the people in your friends list or those following you on Twitter? Think about it!

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