A Very Amiable And Helpful Locksmith

During these troubled times work is becoming more difficult to find resulting in less and les feedback from customers.  Be it amiable or not, its still great to receive a positive review from a very nice customer.  The job was a tad tricky as it required 1 particular sized handle that was not so easy to procure but perseverance prevaled and the end result was good news all round.


"Would like to thank Dougie from ACQ Locksmiths Ltd for digging us out of a hole this weekend. Very amiable and helpful and definitely value for money. Can not recommend highly enough."


I still seem to receive the odd fake review from competitors but that's the game we're in guess and most amiable people will be able to see through the trash and appreciate the good within!!



Ticky Bus, Great customer and all round good bloke