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How To Find The Perfect Lock

How To Find The Perfect Lock Ever been stood, hands on hips in the security aisle bewildered by the vast array of locks to choose from. Why So many? Don't they all do the same thing.  Hopefully this guide by Locksmith Southampton will help you in finding the right one. You've decided you need new…
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Smartphones Smartphones are clearly our future. Its time to embrace the fact that it will soon become the key to your security too. Spooky but true!! In current times we are using Smartphones applications in commercial, institutional and residential settings include identification badge, credit card and/or a key.  On the back of this commercial lock…
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Keeping Your House Safe

Keeping Your House Safe Let’s be clear from the off - It's almost impossible to keep your home, house or property completely safe from harm.  But by using the best technology available we can help ensure the safety of yourself and your family. When we refer to keeping our family safe we tend to think…
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What If Your Multipoint Lock Fails

Multipoint Locks Almost all homes in the UK nowadays are fitted with multipoint lock systems. These are normally operated by lifting the handle and turning the key to secure the door. Most people would take the assumption that theses systems are all the same but I believe there are in excess of 160 varieties with…
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